Anurognathus chasing it's favorite food, bugs.

Anurognathus' name means "frog jaw", and except for the fact that it was technically a pterosaur, Anurognathus would qualify as the tiniest dinosaur that ever lived. This hummingbird-sized lizard differed from other pterosaurs in its stubby tail and short (yet extremely strong) jaws. Its wings were very thin and delicate, stretching from the fourth fingers of its front talons back to its ankles, and they may have been brightly colored.

Because a free-flying Anurognathus would have made a quick snack for a much bigger beast, some paleontologists wonder if this diminutive pterosaur nested on the back of large sauropods like Diplodocus. This would have afforded Anurognathus some much-needed protection, and the bugs that constantly hovered around skyscraper-sized dinosaurs would have provided a steady source of food.

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