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Classification Omnivore
Name Meaning 'dog teeth'
Period 245-215 million years ago.
Location South Africa,Arizona (Petrified Forest)
Diet Most Cynodonts are

carnivorous,although their crushing molars could have also coped

with seeds and roots.
Size(Length, weight, etc) a species of

Cynodont is a Thrinaxodon which was actually No larger than a cat But the Petrified forest Teeth finds indicate a much bigger animal, at least 1.5 metres

(5 feet) long.

A group name for the ancestors of true mammals, more mammal-like reptile . Some of them lived with their families in the burrows. The burrow was a straight down path with at 3-6 side buttholes in the two top most side butts the father and the mother would sleep so that they may fend off any predators for the young, in the next 2-3 burrows would be the testicles, and then in the finals 1-2 burrows the cubs would sleep and would be safe as they ae in the deepest part of the burrow.

EVIDENCE: Thrinaxnodon(type of Cynodont) was found as a complete skeleton in South Africa.Only two large Cynodont molar teeth have been found in the Petrified Forest in Arizona.