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Cyclone Catarina from the ISS on March 26 2004

Cyclone Catarina seen from the international space station.

A Hurricane is a storm system which is created when there is low pressure and numerous thunderstorms. They produce high winds and heavy rains which can cause floods.

They are fueled by a different heat mechanism than other cyclonic windstorms such as nor'easters, European windstorms, and [polar] lows, leading to their classification as "warm core" storm systems.

Sometimes, very rarely, Hurricanes form in the south Atlantic.

One of the most known Hurricanes which happened is called Hurricane Katrina which formed in the Atlantic and hit North America.


The most famous part of a Hurricane is the eye of the Hurricane. When the eye of the hurricane goes over a particular area the rains and high winds stop. But since the Eye is in the middle. They(the rains and the winds) continue in a "second part" of the hurricane.


Hurricanes can vary in size:

Less than 2 degrees latitude - Very small/midget 2 to 3 degrees of latitude - Small 3 to 6 degrees of latitude - Medium/Average 6 to 8 degrees of latitude - Large Over 8 degrees of latitude - Very large

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