The Meerkat is a member of the mongoose family. It lives in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and Botswana. It lives in group of 2-50 members.

Mobs Edit

Meerkats lives in groups or Mob, or gangs. Each group has a dominant female and dominant male, and all the family members are usally related. A new group is form when evicted females met up with roving males or when a group split and doesn't reunit. The Dominant female is the only one who should breed, but sometime a female in the group gets pregnant form a roving male. The female could get evicted. If the female gives birth, the dominant female could kill the pups or let them survive. The dominant female usally let the females stay in the group unit they are 3 years old then evict them for good. Male will rove then return to the group. When a male gets older he will try to team up with a group of females and try to start a group of his own.

Territories Edit

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Predators Edit

  1. eagles
  2. hawks
  3. owls
  4. jackals
  5. snakes

Meerkat Diet Edit

  1. incects
  2. scorpions
  3. beetles
  4. worms
  5. centipedes
  6. lizards