Sub Chapter 1 the sauropodletsEdit

The Tyranosaur and Giganotosaur have encountered a lone male barasaur and have brought it down toghther and have finished it off.2000 miles away the barasaurs are giving birth.There are thousands of eggs and hundreds of nests and in a few weeks the eggs will hatch into tens of thusands of sauropodlets but only tens will survive.A Heirocodont(one of the first mammals) grabs a egg in his mouth and scampers off, fortunentaly a passing century scares it off and the male piks up the egg and places it gently back in the nest.3 weeks later, late in the night the eggs begin to hatch, and thousands of sauropodlets run towards the mountains and thousands more get taken by predators.When the sun rises by the morning around 8 sauropodlets have reached the herd but so have the giganotosaurs....

Sub Chapter 2 the new kingsEdit

The Giganotosaur has mated and now has a family.Luckily for the young Giganotosaur, the older male, which it defeated had already taken a forest as its home which is next to the giganotosaurs parents one and it is not long before they meet again.The Giagnotosaur is taking his own family out for the first time, and he has found a strange, unusual target which is a pack of velociraptors which have brought down a porsauropod kill.The giganotosaur is no Scavenger, but since there are thje raptors and the Plateosaur here he has decided to eat them all.the giganotosaur mother suddenly bursts foward and scoops up a couple of velociraptors the Male attempts t get another, but seeing ther camoflauge is now ruined, the raptors manage to escape.***Raptors are believed to be the smartest reptiles to ever have had walked the land***.The giganotsaur chicks feed on the raptors while the adults rip apart the Plateosaur carcass, and when they are finished they leave behind sveral tonnes of meat which drew a female tyranosaur and our male here.The male cautiosly approaches the carcass and begins to feed on it, liek its his.The female seems to be walking towards tha carcass.The male tyranosaur slowly backs off, although he continues feeding.

Sub Chapter 3 The Great battleEdit

The old male Giganotosaur is not one to take defeat lightly and has now returned to ruin the Tyranosaurs and his new mates sleep.The Tyranosaurs rush towards the oise and once they are out of the forest, they see 2 Giuganotosaur roaring at each other from one end to another, suddenly the old male charges forawrd, but the younegr, more youthful giganotosaur is too fast for him.The young male bites right into the older males neck and the twists it around.