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The Age of DinosaursEdit

The Mesozoic Era, or the Age of Reptiles, lasted from 250 to 65 million years ago. Sharing the earth with the dinosaurs included swimming and flying reptiles, hence the name 'Age of Reptiles'.

The Triassic PeriodEdit

Time: 250 - 200 million years ago

The Late TriassicEdit

The Late Triassic was the time at which the dinosaurs first evolved. These first dinosaurs were small, birdlike, carnivorous creatures that ran on two legs. They would have eaten small lizards, and maybe hunted in packs to take down larger prey. They evolved around 230 million years ago. The earliest dinosaurs are commonly discovered in the Valley of the Moon. At the end of the Triassic, Prosauropods also evolved.

Late Triassic SpeciesEdit

Eoraptor - An agile carnivore that lived around 230 million years ago. The oldest known dinosaur.

Length: 1 metre

Height: 50cm

Weight: 10kg

Coelophysis - An agile carnivore that may have hunted in packs. Name means 'Hollow Form'. Lived about 228 million years ago.

Length: 3 metres

Height: 1 metre

Weight: 25kg

Herrerasaurus - A small carnivore named after Herrera, its discoverer.

Length: 3 metres

Height: 1 metre

Weight: 40kg

Plateosaurus - The largest known prosauropod. It had a thumb spike on its hand for defence. Herbivorous.

Length: 8 metres

Height: 4 metres

Weight: 2 tonnes

The Jurassic PeriodEdit

Time: 200 - 145 million years ago.

The Early JurassicEdit

In the early Jurassic, dinosaurs began to diversify. Medium sized predators evolved, and so did armoured herbivores and Sauropods. Pangea, the supercontinent of the Triassic Period, split in two, causing new river and ocean currents, which in turn caused plant life to flourish and diversify. The Early Jurassic lasted from roughly 200 million years ago to 180 million years ago.

Early Jurassic SpeciesEdit

Dilophosaurus - The first medium-sized predator. Had two strange crests on its head, shaped like half a dinner plate.

Length: 6 metres

Height: 2.5 metres

Weight: 500kg

Scelidosaurus - A small, armoured herbivore, that may be in the Stegosaur or Ankylosaur family.

Length: 4 metres

Height: 1 metre

Weight: 250kg

Barapasaurus - One of the first large sauropods.

Length: 18 metres

Height: 6 metres

Weight: 20 tonnes

The Middle JurassicEdit

Little is known about the middle Jurassic. Dinosaurs continued to diversify, and Sauropods got bigger. New predators evolved, and around this time, life has been found even in Antarctica.

Middle Jurassic SpeciesEdit

Cryolophosaurus - A medium-to-large predator from Antarctica, that preyed on late prosauropods.

Length: 8 metres

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 1 tonne

Gasosaurus - a small predatory dinosaur that hunted sauropods in packs.

Length: 4 metres

Height: 1.5 metres

Weight: 150kg

Glacialisaurus - one of the last prosauropods, that lived in Antarctica. Herbivorous. Probably preyed on by Cryolophosaurus.

Length: 7 metres

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 3 tonnes

The Late JurassicEdit

Lots of dinosaurs are known from the Late Jurassic. Sauropods grew to enormous proportions, up to 40 metres in length. Large predators like Allosaurus hunted these, and smaller prey, like the 9 metre long Stegosaurus. Ceratosaurus dominated, then went extinct, due to competition with Allosaurus. The dinosaurs were at one of their peak moments when... at the end of the Jurassic, something unknown happened, that wiped out several dinosaurs, such as Allosaurus and Diplodocus. Pangaea continued to split up.

Late Jurassic SpeciesEdit

Allosaurus - The first truly large predator, that would have hunted prey like Sauropods, and stolen from smaller theropods.

Length: 11 metres

Height: 4 metres

Weight: 2 tonnes

Diplodocus - An enormous Sauropod that may have grown up to 30 metres long. Its main defence, other than size, was its long, whip-like tail.

Length: 30 metres

Height: 10 metres

Weight: 10 tonnes

Brachiosaurus - A very heavy Sauropod that was three times as tall as a giraffe.

Length: 25 metres

Height: 16 metres

Weight: 50 tonnes

Ceratosaurus - A medium sized predator that was eventually outcompeted by Allosaurus.

Length: 7 metres

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 500kg

Stegosaurus - An easily recognisable dinosaur, with two rows of plates running down its back, and four spikes on its tail.

Length: 9 metres

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 3 tonnes

Dryosaurus - A small, agile ornithopod that lived in family groups.

Length: 2 metres

Height: 50cm

Weight: 50kg