The best known of prosauropods and the first of the actual sauropods and also the first of the giant dinosaur herbivores.Lived im herds with 2-7 male bulls leading the herd.(the herds had huge numbers of up to 1000 Plateosarus in one herd.during the dry season hundreds of HERDS would gather toghether in search of water and for more protection from the carnivores such as a postosuchus (during the dry season , in this era all the animals would from herds with their own kind, and if it was a herbivore they might form herds with other herbivores!)also more herbivores such as Placerias would come in the hundreds to form a giant herd with the Plateosaurs.

The Plateosaurs had their own method of defense:whip tails strong clawed hands and a powerfull beak.

EVIDENCE: Several species have been identified from more than a 100 fragmentary and complete skeletons found in Germany France and S.T Johns(Arizona)

SIZE: No exact size has been found yet but it is estimated to be as long as 9 metres (30 feet)), maybe making it able to graze at a height of 3-4 metres (10-13 feet)

WEIGHT: 6 tonnes.

DIET: A complete range of plants from trees to ferns.

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