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The Three First Oceans were actually second to the massive Pre-Ancient Pangeael Ocean.The Three First Oceans were the Tethy's, the Boreal and Pangeael.all three of these oceans were nick-named


In this image there are two pleisiosaurs in one of the three oceans.This ocean is most likley Boreal as it is calm but it is also very deep.


The Pangeael Ocean is the largest ocean in the entire mid-Jurassic and it is home to the largest aquatic dinosaurs such as Liopleurodon, it also provided plenty of land for land dinosaurs such as Eustreptospondylus.  However this ocean is far too rough and full of predators for smaller aquatic dinosaurs such as Ophthalmosaurus to breed their young in, therefore they travel to smaller oceans such as the Tethys to breed.  Small Pterodactly's such as Rhamphorynchus would also go to the other oceans where there are plenty of fish such as in the Boreal.  The Pangeael ocean was soon be deserted due to its rough waves and storms.  Even Liopleurodon deserted it due to the lack of food.  Eventually Eustreptospondylus also deserted the islands seeing that there were no fish, the seas were too rough to drink from and no other dinosaurs for it to catch and eat.  The Pangeael ocean was therefore nick-named the ghost ocean.


This Liopleurodon has been beached by a storm in the Pangeael Ocean. Nothing will touch it while it’s alive, but eventually its weight will crush its lungs and the Eutrestopondlylus will rip it to pieces.


The Boreal Ocean was the ocean that was most full of life.  The Ophthalmosaurus, Cryptoclidus and Rhamphorynchus all had plenty of food, and as long as they did, so did Eustretospondylus.  Also larger creatures such as Liopleurodon also had plenty to feed and eat here.  This ocean was nick-named The Ocean Of life.


The Tethys Ocean was full of juveniles and young. this ocean was very small shallow and calm; there were barely any predators here.  (there was a predator though! like ancient sharks)  Most babies lived here.  This ocean was full of young aquatic dinosaurs, especially Ophthalmosaurus. This ocean was nick-named The Baby Ocean.